Boosts the Immune System

For the reason that your boosting your cardio, getting rid of the toxins in your body and moving in an up and down motion, you are boosting your immune system!


Lymphatic System

Rebounding stimulates the flow of lymph in your body. The lymph system needs movement and deep breathing in order to get it moving and functioning properly. Rebounding exercise will allow your body to get rid of the toxins and simplify the flow of lymph in your body.


Improves Balance

Starting rebounder exercise will be difficult. You will find it challenging to stay in the centre of the trampoline and keep your balance. However, after taking several classes and becoming a more frequent bouncer, your balance will improve. Having good balance is an excellent way to prevent injuries.


Soft on the Joints

Unlike running, playing sports, etc., this type of exercise is easy on the joints and very low impact.


Builds Your Core

Rebounder exercise allows you to strengthen your core as you are bouncing. The way the exercise works is derived from the core forcing it to work hard and strengthen throughout your fitness routine.


Burns Lots of Calories

Rebounding is such a fun way to burn calories! Switch up your daily run to a daily bounce. Burn more calories in the same amount of time because it's fun! Not to mention, it's a great alternative to outdoor workouts when it's raining!