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What’s Happening?



Hi Bounce N' Burners! We're back! We have returned to the Durham Region for more Bounce N' Burn FUN! Registration is now available for the 2020 summer programs. Register now!


This summer we are introducing our Bounce N' Burn PLUS Program. This program is a 5-week bootcamp style workout and will include more than just cardio. We will incorporate on the floor exercises, strength training and muscle building components as well. This program is recommended for those wishing to intensify their Bounce N' Burn sessions this summer.

Check out the two 5-week program packages available this summer!


This summer we will be rewarding our members who help us grow our program. For each new customer that you bring to our sessions, you will receive a free class. When your friend signs up, simply ask them to include your first and last name in the referral section at the end of the registration process. After we receive their payment, we will send you an email regarding a credit towards your next class.


We sell Bounce N' Burn T-Shirts! Check them out on our social media platforms and send us a direct message or email to place your order. We have sizes small, medium and large. We will give you your t-shirt at your next bounce session after your order has come in!


Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms where we keep you up to date about everything new going on in the Bounce N' Burn world! 

Instagram: @bouncenburn

Twitter: @bouncenburn

Facebook: Bounce N' Burn Canada

Don't be afraid to tag us in your Bounce N' Burn pictures and videos, we are always very happy to see them!

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