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A fun, safe, low impact way to introduce fitness to kids. This program is sure to put a smile on your child’s face, get them to interact with other kids while working their agility, balance and cardiovascular endurance. This program is suitable for all healthy kids at all fitness levels. They will be taught to modify the moves to bounce at their ability level and at their own pace.

$12.00 / Session or 5 sessions for $50.00



A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Corporate Bounce is a fun, non traditional way to inject life, excitement and fun into your team. We keep it light so that all ages and fitness levels can participate and enjoy the experience. Don’t be surprised if your employees head down a road to health and wellness after they experience just one Bounce session.  Here's the best part, we make it simple for you by bringing the program to you!

An outside flat surface is required or an indoor space of at least 800sqft.  Lunch room, warehouse, parking lot or boss' office :).

$250.00 for 1 session of 10 participants

$480.00 for 2 sessions of 10 participants

$690.00 for 3 sessions of 10 participants

$880.00 for 4 sessions of 10 participants

Call or email us today to book your unique team building event.  Let us help you inject life into your team.



Compliment your team's in season and off season training program with our Team Bounce Fitness.  Get your team together for a non traditional fitness program, packed with fun, balance, agility and cardio training.  This program is also a great way to build team dynamics and strengthen relationships. This program is perfect for all sports teams including but not limited to: soccer, hockey, baseball, gymnastics, dance and figure skating. We do it all! 

If you have more than 20 athletes on your teams, we can run the program during two consecutive hours or schedule the sessions over two days to ensure that we capture the entire team.

*Dates and times can be accommodated to work around the team schedule

$15.00 / session / athlete

(minimum 10 athletes)



Book a private session for your group so that you can all jump your way to fitness together! This program is a great way to build relationships with your peers while also training your agility, balance and cardio. 

We have the equipment for 20 participants at a time however, if you have more than 20 participants in your group, we can run two consecutive hours so that everyone has the opportunity to jump.

$15.00 / session / participant

(minimum 10 participants)

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